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General Questions About the Browser Based Game Dino Storm

What is Dino Storm?

Dino Storm is a free multiplayer browser based game with rich 3D visuals. You are a brave ranger, who is leaving for Dinoville, where rich veins of gold have been discovered. Have a look at our game guide for a full summary and basic tips to play Dino Storm.

What's the Price Playing Dino Storm?

Registration and playing the browser based game is completely free. Registration is completed at a glance, without any obligation and withing seconds you are ready to play the game. We do not ask for personal information. You can focus fully on playing.

How did Dino Storm Start?

Right, Dino Storm is not exactly the standard project that game companies run. It all began with a drawing of a cartoon series many of your developers used as their desktop background image: Men riding on dinosaurs and shooting each other. We just loved it. So much that we decided to sit down for some days 24/7, with a lot of pizza and coke zero to turn this drawing into a game. A couple of days later, with the sun rising, we completed a rough prototype that was just stunning fun. After some days of sleep, we decided to acquire additional resources to make full scale MMO out of it.

What do I Get When I Play for Free?

Everything. Access to the whole browser based game, no restrictions, no trial limitations. You'll receive all updates, including new content and fixes (in the rare case we actually made a mistake) automatically and for free. All elements of the game are available for free. Of course, our team sometimes would like to order some beer. That's why for a small fee you can quickly and comfortably reload your account, so you are never unprotected against the various threats waiting for your in the dangerous world of Dino Storm.

Dinoville? Is That Some Kind of Joke?


General Questions About Splitscreen Games

How Many Gigabytes do I Have to Install?

We feel your pain. Anyone who downloaded a game for a day and installed it for three hours just to realize that it does not fulfill its promises is frustrated. With the browser based game Dino Storm you are sorted with only a couple of megabytes, which will take you only seconds. To launch in your browser the first time, we only grab about 10 megabytes. In the background, the 3D online game will stream some more for the actual game content. Also, the game will automatically update just in time, so you don't have to wait any minute even if we expand the online world or remove, even if it's absolutely unlikely, bugs.

Browser Games Aren't for me! I Don't Like Farms.

We fully understand. We actually like farms, but not so much that we want to build another one. Dino Storm is not your average browser game. It provides realtime 3D world, like you've seen in full priced titles. The game is a fully featured MMO.

What Platforms do you Support?

Dinosaurs are complex animals and we currently only support them on Windows PC. We are working on a Mac OS Version and it's absolutely possible that it will see the light of the world around Christmas.   The browser based game Dino Storm
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